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Trouble Shooting Soft Leaf Buffalo

Soft leaf buffalo lawns can be maintained on two waterings per week once they are established if they are managed correctly. There are some issues which our expereince has shown to be recurring problems with the succesful management of turf, especially when the turf is under stress during the establishment phase or coming out of winter.

Lawn Doctor Turf Farms recommend the following to ensure your lawn performs as it should:

First Cut

  • New lawns should be mowed as soon as the roots are down, e.g. once the lawn cannot be easily lifted. This will take about two (2) weeks in summer and up to six (6) weeks in winter.


  • Depending on the colour after the first cut it may be necessary to apply a fertiliser such as Baileys Nu Lawn or Knights Special Mix, both are available from Lawn Doctor at 14 Prindiville Dve Wangara.
  • New lawns tend to need more fertiliser in the first 12-18 months until they are fully established. Fertilise little and often; when lawn starts to lose colour and vigour. Once a lawn goes dormant in winter, it is difficult to stimulate growth and colour, so ensure your lawn is fertilised well into Autumn. Fertilise after mowing and water in well immediately.
  • Some lawns can be best treated with a foliar (liquid) spray, with the nutrients taken up through the leaves. In fact, this is the best application method for iron and manganese and is an effective way of giving your lawn some colour if the roots have gone dormant in winter due to inadequate nutrient levels.

WARNING: Any liquid or granular fertiliser containing iron will stain paving if not cleaned off straight away. Also beware of “walking it off” the treated areas, so granules should be applied to a dry lawn and when spraying, start on the far side of the lawn and work your way towards the exit point.