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Laying your Turf

If your roll on turf arrives wrapped in plastic wrap it is important to remove this as soon as possible, otherwise it will cause the turf to start decomposing and generating heat, which will turn the leaf yellow. If you cannot lay your turf straightaway you must ensure it is placed in a shaded spot and that the rolls are watered regularly.

 The first step in laying instant turf is to do a border of turf all around the outside like a header. You then find your longest run of straight ground and start here, working towards the outside edges in a brick like pattern. A serrated knife or saw is best to trim around sprinklers. Finally make sure you butt all the edges and ends up close to each other as you go, this will give you a smoother surface and help stop edges drying out.

It is important to keep a watch on the condition of the turf that has already been laid, as it may start to dry out. If this happens you will notice a blue tinge on the leaves and you will need to water the turf to prevent it going into stress and slowing the establishment process. A light sanding between the edges of turf after the turf is laid will help prevent them drying out especially when laying turf in temperatures over 30 degrees.