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Perfect Match Lawn Quiz

Want some help to choose your new lawn? Fill in the Perfect Match Lawn Quiz and let Lawn Doctor help you get the right choice for your lifestyle.

Question 1 of 8

Domestic yard, formal and aesthetic, just to look at
Domestic yard, active and hardwearing with foot traffic
Rural, pasture open space
Rural, formal landscaped gardens
Open space, sporting ground
Commercial, formal and boutique

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Question 3 of 8

Rural or open space - Minimal
Domestic – Minimal
Whatever it takes to look great

Question 4 of 8

Majority of it less than 4 hours a day (Sir Walter buffalo is the only grass to tolerate this)
Majority of the lawn area over 4 hours of sun a day
100% sun over 4 hours

Question 5 of 8

A lush leaf, resort style
A fine leaf, manicured look
I don’t mind, as long as it is green

Question 6 of 8

Yes, I have hard borders around the beds
Yes, there are no garden borders

Question 7 of 8

No budget, I would like the most suitable lawn

Question 8 of 8

Yes, with a rotary mower
Yes, with a cylinder mower
No, a contractor will be mowing it

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