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Fertilising is an important part to get right, first check by lifting the corner of a couple of rolls to see if your turf has developed a root system, then apply only small amounts of fertiliser (Baileys Nu Lawn) every 6 weeks until the turf is established. The use of large amounts of fertiliser at once will only result in nutrient leaching and excessive growth.

Sir Walter Premium Turf requires less fertiliser than couch grass varieties to maintain a beautiful colour, especially less nitrogen. Newly planted lawn comes without a root system and needs a balanced starter food source.Sir Walter has developed a product called Sir Launcher with additional trace elements and water crystals which can be applied when the turf is being layed.

Fertiliser should be spread at a rate of no more than 2kg (a standard 2 litre ice cream container) per 100m² per application. Sir Walter should only be fertilised when a loss of colour or vitality is noticeable. The most accurate way to spread fertiliser is with a “Scotts” Handie Green Spreader. These are available from Lawn Doctor, along with the handy pails of specialised buffalo fertiliser.

NOTE: The use of large amounts of fertiliser at once will only result in nutrient leaching, excessive growth and is a waste of money.